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Hotel Ranthambore Kothi

Rathambhore is one of the biggest tourist spots in the state of Rajasthan, Western India. It is famous across the world for the tiger reserves in the Rathambore National Park. The reputed hotels and resorts at Rathambhore conduct extensive forest tours by jeep in the reserve forest. Hotel Ranthambore Kothi is one of the most luxurious and reputed hotels in this place. They arrange for extensive conducted tours along with comfortable accommodations for the local and the global tourists. They show a lot of hospitality to all the boarders in the hotel.

Regarding the hotel
The hotel at Ranthambore Kothi is located in the midst of the Rathambore reserve forest. Thus, the tourists can enjoy the whole natural beauty of the green trees and wildlife. They can hear the flashing sound of the natural falls and chirping of the bird in the absolutely pollution-free reserve forest. The surrounding of the hotel is full of green landscapes, fields, gardens, fresh water lakes and much more. The major animal species found here are tiger, leopard, crocodile, sloth bear and Sambar. The hotel has been established in an old bungalow of the British times. The area of the bungalow is about 14400 sq mt. All the rooms in the hotel are well-designed in classic ethnical styles. The room interiors are wonderfully decorated with modern furniture. There is a single forest facing private balcony in all hotel rooms as well as suites. One can easily have a glimpse of the big cats and other wild animals from the balcony.

The amenities
The hotel offers a lot of amenities to the boarders. Well developed national as well as the continental buffet dining facility is provided at the hotel. The catering system in one dining hall can be arranged for 200 people. The dining hall is a luxurious and elegant area for lunch, dinner and party arrangements. There is also a swimming pool with a separate bar area. The dining halls are decorated with designer false ceilings and other interior decorative. Light music and even live orchestras are played at the dinner time. The whole interior of the hotel is fully air-conditioned. Very good room services are available with reasonable room charges. There is also an international standard spa in the hotel. The hotel interior is fully decorated with luxurious furniture sets and classic wall paintings. Dim and bright light combinations are used for interior decorations.

The conducted tours
The management of the hotels arranges for long conducted tours for the boarders. The Rathambore National Park Safari is the most famous conducted tour and sightseeing in the place. A lot of jeeps are arranged for this extensive tour. The safari is an unforgettable travel experience for tourist groups and families in India as well as the whole world. All types of facilities and guidance are provided for the tourists during the adventurous journey. Tent accommodation is also provided during the reserve forest stays. Thus, the hotel is hugely popular for the Rathambore tourists.

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