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Tiger Den Resort Ranthambore

An ideal RESORT (yes, you will re-sort your self) to distress and detoxify away from the maddening crowd away from the constant ringing of your cell phones, emails, Internet and newspapers. You definitely deserve it, and we know you desire it as well. Come and live your dreams, of a peaceful life, close to nature, close to God, and above all close to yourself. 

Tiger Den Resort, nestled in the lap of nature provides you a subline settin, for you feel the power of the Earth, Water, Fire, Space and the wild. Let the five elements, hidden in you for years, emerge and merge with surroundings. 

Tiger Den Resort - inspired by nature and its charismatic beauty ensures your comfort by providing ethnic interiors for you to enjoy the tranquil surroundings. Crossing the hills and the deciduous trees, close to the endless horizons, taking wheels to the heart of the pristine forest; Beast, Experience immortal bliss and behold peace in your body, mind and soul. You will really hum the famous line by Robert Frost: 

"Woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promise to keep. 
And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." 

Our dining hall adds an exotic and sttvic flavor to your visit. Pamper your taste buds at the ethnic delights like Gutta curry & Ker Sangri, for the less adventurous; continental and Chinese cuisine is readily available. Unwind with a drink in the evenings near the bonfire, under the blue sky, under blue cover. Come, discover yourself... 

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve sprawls over a varying and undulating landscape. The scenery change dramatically from gentle and steep slopes of the Vindhyas and sharp and conical hills of the Arvalis. A thousand year old fort, grasslands, meadows and lakes also blend amicably with the background. 

Tiger Den Resort- ranthambore

Ranthambhore is not only a popular holiday destination of India but happens to be a major wildlife sanctuary of India. Large number of tourists swarm to Rajasthan's Ranthambhore for its historical charm amidst the Aravalli's scenic beauty and as it is home to Ranthambhore National Park. 

Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore is a popular lodging option among all the Hotels in Ranthambhore in India. The luxurious Room Facilities at Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore is the most distinctive feature of this hotel as it includes everything to make you feel at home!

In the lap of Aravalli Range, Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore offers 38 air-conditioned cottages/ duplex rooms along with 12 luxury suites featured various modern amenities to fulfill all of your demands. The abundance of Room Facilities at Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore will certainly help you to get your money's worth! These rooms are fashioned in a way to suit every taste and mood. Rooms and suites are provided with large windows to let the guests enjoy the panoramic overview of its surroundings. The cottages are scattered in its vast premise and is wonderfully surrounded with flora and fauna. 
The Room Facilities at Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore are listed below for your convenience :

  • Air Conditions
  • Private bathroom
  • Hot & Cold water
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Separate setting area
  • Housekeeping
  • Telephone
  • Writing Table
  • Tea Coffee Maker
  • Fridge
  • Hair Dryer

The staff is found to be very attentive all the time and their service is professional yet very commendable! Such a wide array of Room Facilities at Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore will never leave you wanting! The blissful Location of Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore and plenty of Hotel Amenities and Services at Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore will also help you to make your days in Ranthambhore memorable!



The wildlife sanctuary of Ranthambhore, located in the lap of Aravalli Range, features a range of lodging options and most of the reputed Hotels in Ranthambhore in India are quite popular among the discerning tourists for their luxurious accommodation options. However, Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore stands tall among all of those hotels. Tourists prefer residing here as the wide range of Hotel Amenities and Services at Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore is sufficient for both comfort and luxury for a longer stay. Moreover, the Location of Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore is certainly a blissful one for all kinds of tourists. 

From the garden of this resort you can enjoy the panoramic view of the majestic Aravalli Range along with the essence of an unspoilt natural beauty! The Hotel Amenities and Services at Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore are listed below to give you an idea of how luxurious your stay can be here:


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