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Sher Bagh Tent Accommodation Ranthambore

Sher Bagh Tent Accommodation Ranthambore Staying in tents an experience to remember
If you visit the mesmerizing Ranthambore national park during your holidays, you should make sure you should live either in an open area or tented accommodation. The simple reason is that as you have visited the wildlife sanctuary, so everything you do must be related to a little wilderness. The raw fun of living amidst the lap of nature is something you don’t find very often around most tourist destinations in the world. Adventure is all what comes to our mind when we think of living in tents, and what add to the imagination are sparkling bonfires and all that fun around it. Believe it or not, staying in tents is an experience to remember for much time to come. As often is the fact, if you visit the place once, it has the potential to draw you back into your future holidays.

The refreshing crack of dawn with the melody of birds’ tweet, lusty and lazy afternoons, and equally charming evenings and out-of-the-world barbecue nights, the entire break up of your day at the place is going to be something like that you have not experienced before.

Looking at the rising sun amongst the mountain ranges in the early morning can grasp your breathe, the joy of being with wild woods give you an aura that what we have been missing in this life amidst all the rat race.

The urban world is always running behind something- hollow ambitions, futile materials, jittery jobs, fast paced transports, etc. The world has become so congested place that people have really forgotten what it means to live like real beings. The original humans- our Stone Age man and Bronze Age man were the ones whose entire generations revolved around natural landscapes. Then why are we running madly with the super fast world? What to achieve? Just a little bit more money? Just to satisfy our false illusions of the psyche? Ultimately nature is your thing that lets you refresh from those worldly worries. If in Ranthambore, forget all your worries and be reborn for one more time. What better living in tents that provide you a respite from four-bricked-wall accommodation? That is the importance of accommodating Sher Bagh.

Tiger Garden alias Sher Bagh
There are so many hotels where you can stay in Ranthambore national park. Those visitors who are looking forward to some definitive in Indian jungle camps will be surely lured by hotel Sher Bagh. This is the tented accommodation in Ranthambore, semi circularly arranged tents and each tent having their own verandah. The main lodge is very wide open and full of space for fresh air passage, where you can sit and inhale in the cusps of pure air. There is also a bar that offers you beer and such stuff.
Sher Bagh literally means in Hindi “Tiger Garden”. Thus epitomizing the piece of information that the resort place is just the thing to stay if you are out for some tiger viewing exploration i.e. jungle safari.
The morning begins with complete English breakfast, in the afternoon there is typically Italian cuisine and candle light dinner filled with lip-smacking traditional local Indian food. There are refreshments ordered directly to your tents too. The library bar provides you some fascinating drinks, and is open all day.

Facilities at Sher Bagh resort:

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